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Stephen Hanselman

If you have the formula, which I take to mean the constituent colors try a PPG auto paint store. When I was redoing my TR6 (car type) they were able to generate an exact match to the factory color and they make spray cans. You might also try the local HD or lowes and see if their color matcher can give you a read out on the base colors for the match


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Bob, I found this thread from 2009.,,,20,2,0,0. Reed Dickinson posted a formula. Stan also had the paint made up - minimum order quantity is 24 spray cans! Stan was selling them for $15/can. I don't need 24 cans.
The Tek blue subject was brought up back in 2004 and then again in 2009 where the reference to 2004 was made.
It's still not clear whether Reed's posted formula came from Tek or whether he had a sample analyzed by a paint firm? And, whether Stan's paint was Reed's same formula made by Sherwin Williams?

John Justin

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