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nonIonizing EMF

On Tue, Mar 24, 2020 at 07:12 AM, JJ wrote:

From what I remember, a spectrophotometer (with more than 30 filters) is
only 90% accurate at the very best - and that assumes that you can measure
both reflected light from and transmitted light through the specimen - so
one would need a paint chip.
Maybe a generic spectrophotometer like you're noting that is a limited number of filters and not the best correlation/calibration method. A dispersive (diffraction grating) or FT (interferometer) instrument I'm thinking off the top of my head can perform better than 90% accuracy or for an ID method... be valid specific. Even a webcam cardboard box CD as the diffraction grating spectrometer using Theremino is capable of better than 90% accuracy I'm thinking. Please... correct me if I'm wrong.

I used the FTNIR spectrum range that isn't actually related and getting specific valid methods. Granted, I didn't get into the colormetrics in detail. Actually, would be nice to go back and see what all the data looks like now days from the population of data and not only sample sets stats. I last left off with mixtures and potential for impurities qualitative and quantitative detection automatically. I'm not a UV-Vis expert... though I can't believe 90% accuracy with all the range of methods used for calibrating even monitors and colors to only be 90% accurate. Worth reading into so to see what the most accurate cost effective methods are now days.

I know someone has a nice optical Tektronics spectrum analyzer out there.

Wondering what the accuracy of the 7J20 optical spectrometer plugin is?

I have this vision, and have been dreaming about lately, making an equivalent and better than module... maybe for the 5000 series also.

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