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Hi JJ,
Nonsense. This subject comes up so often I'm going to guess you didn't bother to look through our archives. The Tek blue paint has never been a problem for anyone who was willing to take a minute and do a search for themselves.

Many members have posted in our archives numerous ways you can buy it. For instance:
* Stan Griffiths has always sold it until 2 months ago when he passed away.
* TekScopes members have determined alternate sources.
* TekScopes members have identified the pigment combination to make it.
* Still other members have pointed out which paint stores will match the color for you if you bring in a side panel.

Aside from listing it on Amazon what more would you like us to do?

Dennis Tillman W7pF

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Wow, this Tek blue paint thing has been a problem for decades. I would love to get my hands on a spray can. I'm wondering if the people at Tektronix would be willing to give us the formula? I imagine it's been a trade secret in the past - but nowadays, it can be duplicated fairly closely through technology.

From what I remember, a spectrophotometer (with more than 30 filters) is only 90% accurate at the very best - and that assumes that you can measure both reflected light from and transmitted light through the specimen - so one would need a paint chip.

There are specialty shops (not the big box stores) that will use a spectrophotometer's input together with manual mixing by a highly experienced individual to get as close as humanly a match. But, I'm sure it would be costly.

John Justin

Dennis Tillman W7PF
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