Re: Mr Carlson's Patreon and test tool designs - was Re: [TekScopes] enclosures for ESR meters

Lawrance A. Schneider

Again, I agree. I'm simply not equipped nor interested in making my own boards. I only have a small room in my house - in Maine heating a garage is ??? - wherein I do my computer work and my electronic work.
I understand Dennis would rather we somehow end this conversation on TekScopes. While I read and understand his reasoning, I think the subject will die on its own accord soon. I hope not until some resolution is come to relative to boards. I think the subject will be dropped when the present group of people do come to some sort of resolution. Clearly, I would prefer a group buy as to the making of boards.
I bought a HP E3630A power supply a while ago. I forget which - voltage or current - reading was not working. I ask question on the Agelent-HP and was given some answers. The answers helped and I fixed the power supply. The subject was dropped when I told ALL
that I had fixed it. I believe this topic - ESR and Mr. Carlson - will soon die.

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