Re: fuzzy trace, weakish trace, CURED


Hi Roy, 464 now has a shaper trace. Test Point 1443 was supposed to read +27 Volts. He was about 22 Volts after replacing Q1436, Q1432 and R1437. I learned that I can not trust my DVM to measure ripple also. I had replaced R1437 ,910 Ohms, with a 9.1 K and R1443 ,220 Ohms, had grown to about 12K. The drawer with about 100 ,910 Ohm resistors had 2, 9100 Ohmers. Replacing the resistors raised TP1443 to 27.48 V and resulted in a bright sharp trace with noise. Putting the case on cured the noise.
The bad news. I must have bumped a cable or ?, the sweep is free running. A mission for another day. thank you, aldue

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