Re: TEKTRONIX 491 measuring wifi signals


Is there a limit to how fast a magnetron can get the swirling electrons "up to speed" and begin producing an output? Radar sets do use some sharp pulses, do accommodations have to be made for the magnetron's response?

Bruce Gentry, KA2IVY

On 3/24/20 8:44 AM, Chuck Harris wrote:

Heading back to 491's, and wifi signals:

Modern microwave ovens have replaced the heavy, and copper
laden, power transformers with switching power supplies...
which is why they are now available for less than $100.

There is a big cost, however. High voltage capacitors are
still expensive, so the new supplies aren't at all well
filtered, and end up modulating the 2450MHz nominal magnetron
output at the switching supply rate, and the switching
supply rate is not at all stabilized, so it changes with
load. This wreaks havoc with wifi routers which occupy the
same ISM band as do the ovens.... Only the ovens leak way
more power than the routers put out.

-Chuck Harris
on off timer that im Ford wrote:
I stand corrected (not all that unusual). Thanks, Chuck. My guess would be that microwave oven manufacturers either don't know about or don't want to deal with the subtleties of magnetron anode and filament voltages and currents.JimSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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