Fixtures for 7CT1N/5CT1N

Szabolcs Szigeti


Apparently posting this in the ESR meter thread was a no-no and got
caught by moderation, so I repeat the important part here if anyone is
interested in some collaboration.

Good that you mentioned the 7CT1N, as this has been a long time plan
for me to make some fixtures for my 5CT1N, especially seeing the price
these are being sold on eBay. I have just started to sketch up some
design and look for parts. So I would be gladly helping with coming up
with a design. I can do the PCB, but this could be a good group effort
as it would be nice to have some 3D printed enclosures for it. Of
course it can be simple small PCB with 3 plugs and some zif socket,
but why not make it really fancy if we have the knowledge and tools.


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