Re: recommended ESR meters these days

Dave Daniel

I had a recent experience with excessive shipping charges.

I wanted to order some smoked Swiss cheese inline, which I can’t find here where I live but found at a very reasonable price online. The order total was ~$14, but when shipping and handling charges were added, the order total was $40. So I called the company on the telephone to complain. The person I spoke with took my order and charged me about $6 for shipping and handling (and the order was for 2x the amount of cheese I was trying to buy online).

So, the lesson was, call before giving up. It seems that many companies are aware of and sensitive to the problem of excessive shipping charges.

On Mar 17, 2020, at 18:51, Dennis McCreery <@dennismc> wrote:

Wow, $66.00 for shipping? Not for me!



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