Re: Scope Cameras


Here is what I came up with using a C-12 body I picked up cheap.


On Mar 15, 2020, at 10:02 PM, Ed Breya via Groups.Io <> wrote:

I think I've mentioned before, that I've rigged up old C-5 scope camera carcasses with "modern" USB webcams and such, over the years. You just have to delete the original Polaroid camera back and lens, and figure a way to mount a new video camera head in its place. In more recent times, I prefer to use cell phone cameras instead.

I have some C-5s that I had planned to make into holders for cell phones, such that the optics land in the right place and focus point. With the right mechanical arrangement, it can be set up so the phone just rests on a shelf type thing that aligns it, and blocks out background light reflections from the screen. I haven't built any yet, but in the meantime, I have had decent results - enough to get the message across - with totally open freehand screen shots on a phone camera. The trick is to take plenty of shots from slightly different positions and lighting, then sort them out to find an acceptable one. Some may be defective due to timing issues between the scope trace and camera scanning rates, leaving blank spots and other distortions, but with enough shots, it isn't too hard to find a good one. This does not work with single-sweep traces though, unless maybe the camera can be set up for it somehow.


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