Re: Scope Cameras


Hi , for a scope camera I use the C1001/C1002 cameras along with a CORTEX PCX200 frame grabber , it can also provide the 12v for the camera , the s/w for that may still be on their website .This camera is a video camera and the frame grabber allows getting a 'still' from the data stream . The frame grabber can be triggered much like a still camera and this is ok as long as the sweep rate is not fast .I pursued the Polaroid film path to be told by the new producers of the film that the production tools for the type 107 and the 665 film packs had not been saved after production ceased and they were not able to produce anything as a result , and may never as it would mean starting from scratch .


On Sunday, 15 March 2020, 23:21:34 GMT, John Williams <> wrote:

I have a Tektronix video camera that mounts directly on the crt the same as the Tek still Polaroid cameras. There was a camera for sale on eBay a while back, all that is required is a “brick” to supply power to the camera. I believe Dennis Tillman made a still camera mount for this purpose.

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