Re: 2430A oscilloscope error code 4000

Szabolcs Szigeti


There was a change sometime, when Tek changed from external battery to
internal, built into the nvram.
It is actully quite easy to patch en external battery into it. See my
earlier post on this:


Gary Robert Bosworth <> ezt írta (időpont: 2020. márc.
15., Vas 3:02):

I have a Tek 2430A oscilloscope. Upon boot-up, it gives me an error code
4000 which is for the Front Panel. It says to check in the Service Manual
for the cause, but the Service Manual does not give a reason for this
error. I suspect that this error is common, and I wonder if any other
users have seen this before and know what causes it. If I press Menu Off,
and then press Auto Setup, then the scope functions perfect in every way
and is completely usable. It is interesting to note that this model never
had a backup battery, and there is a bus wire soldered in its place from
the factory.

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