Re: I've been hacked

Abc Xyz

Same here Jim.

We tried everything to get that Junk off our Laptops. It was so bad we
could not use them. Geek Squad got it all off for us.

On Sat, Mar 14, 2020, 5:03 PM Jim Ford <> wrote:

I have to disagree, at least here in the sanctuary state of California,
Chuck. My wife just had her computer streamlined within the last week
by the Geek Squad, and they had us sign no such waiver. I asked the
tech if they were contracted by the FBI, and he said no, they are not.
Possibly in Kentucky, where Best Buy and/or Geek Squad is/are
headquartered, he said.

Does this mean you shouldn't be careful about Big Brother? No, not at
all, but our experience with Geek Squad was very routine.

Jim Ford

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Geek Squad "technicians" get paid by the FBI to take
special training courses on finding and identifying
hidden pornography, and illegal documents. They get
paid a bounty for every suspicious thing they turn
in to the FBI.

That's unconstitutional, you say?

No, it isn't. They are a private entity, and you have
to sign a waiver that gives them permission to search
for such stuff before they will work on your computer.

Anything they find, they will send right out to the FBI
for evaluation...

Best not use Geek Squad for any computer that has been
involved with anything you wouldn't want to see in the
Washington Post.

Also, a lot of the spam payloads turn your windows machine
into child pornography servers.

If Geek Squad finds that, you will get to spend a few
weeks in jail.

Me personally, if Geek Squad was my only choice, I would
remove and destroy the drive, and put a new install of
windows on a new drive, and shrug my shoulders for being
stupid enough to use Windows, and stupid enough not to
make off machine backups...

-Chuck Harris

Abc Xyz wrote:
I took my Infected Units over to Best Buy & let the Geek Squad Remove
Virus's. They have Access to Tools we can't get. Plus, they Installed
own Detection Software.

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