Re: recommended ESR meters these days

Reginald Beardsley

On Sat, Mar 14, 2020 at 09:10 AM, Tony Fleming wrote:

Have you tried DE5000? If yes, can you compare it to any of your favorit
LCR meter?
Thanks and have a great weekend my friend.
I have the ESR70, BSIDE, HP 4284A and 8245A. I posted the ESR70 vs BSIDE comparison. I don't have a DE5000 and not much incentive to get one given all the other kit I have. I was not aware of the DE5000 when I bought the Peak Atlas units.

I'll measure the test frequencies of the ESR70 and BSIDE, then set the 4284A as close to those as possible and measure with it. But first I have to reorganize and defrost my freezer.


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