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One Member here said he built the one Mr. Carlson from YouTube Designed and
likes it.

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Anyone bought one _*RECENTLY *_that they can recommend or warn me away

For something completely different, try a tweezer form factor.
(With a couple of good alligator clip leads, this is useful for many
larger components, too.)

I like the MS8911 from Mastech, about €40 shipped.
Can do 100 Hz to 10 kHz (no 100 kHz, though).
Particularly useful in 0.1 Vrms mode: this allows some in-circuit
measurements other instruments can’t do.

Don’t confuse this with the cheaper MS8910, which is decidedly meh.
(If you want something simple at the MS8910 price point, try the $18
HoldPeak HP990C a.k.a. HP-4070C. Really handy for component testing,
including diodes and zeners up to 24 V, and the occasional loaded [lo-Z]
voltage measurement.
None of these $20 instruments do ESR, IIRC.)

The MS8911 is not a replacement for my DE-5000, but really handy — my goto
LCR meter.
(There are other tweezers at $200+, no idea what I would use those for.)

[1] looks at the MS8911. He also likes the full-size MS5308; I don’t have
experience with that.

The $5 (+ battery) transistor tester thingies (e.g., LCR-T4) are
surprisingly useful, too, by the way. The $18 LCR-TC1 with its nice case,
rechargeable battery (and an IR remote control tester thrown in for good
measure) is another one of my goto “instruments”, mostly for
semiconductors, but it can do a capacitor as well.

Add a HP 4329A (or Keithley 616) for leakage testing, and you have some
pretty good diagnostic capability.

Now if anyone knows a meter that can characterize SRAM backup super
capacitors (say, 0.22 F, 50 kΩ ESR (!)), I’m all ears...

Grüße, Carsten


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