Re: recommended ESR meters these days

John Crighton

Hello Dave,

while you are looking for an ESR meter, why don't you knock up
a simple home made device, dead bug construction, say a 555
driving a transistor stage with a 10 ohm emitter resistor.
Arrange for 0.4V pp across the 10 ohm resistor.

A couple of leads from your 10 ohm resistor to the Capacitor Under Test.
Monitor the voltage across the 10 ohm resistor with your oscilloscope.

From your junk box use some resistors, say 1 ohm, 2 ohm, 4.7ohm etc to
go across your 10 ohm signal source to "calibrate" your oscilloscope reading.

This man here on you tube uses a 50 ohm signal source and his oscilloscope.

Here is the same man on youtube explaining his ESR meter.

Build the oscillator section with the 10 ohm output resistor.
Use your oscilloscope as the man descibes in the first video.
This is quick and inexpensive for hobbyists on a budget.
If it takes more than 2 hours to assemble this you are slacking off.

If you are looking for something flash then buy a ready made one.

John Crighton (hobbyist)

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Took out my (apparently not so) trusty ESR meter the other day and it eyes had rolled back in its head and no amount of CPR would revive it.. Anyone bought one _*RECENTLY *_that they can recommend or warn me away from?



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