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It has been a project, this is true. I ended up finding a 485 on E-bay for a reasonable price that also happened to have the P11 Phosphor and option 4 the additional RF shielding so I thought it was worth saving. That caused me problems I did not even know I had yet. The scope was also REALLY messed up inside. Several pots were swapped with fixed resisters. Ultimately that kicked off a 3 year rabbit hole that ended up with the lab growing exponentially. The 7000 frames I found were often cheaper on E-bay then the 400 Series scopes as long as you were sticking to 76 77 and 79 series. I was very fortunate to get lucky on all the tubes. Of all the E-bay stuff I have only had 1 unit that had a crapped-out tube. The 576 was toast the 577 has some inconsequential burn in that you can only see in storage mode. I think it was the use case. The 577 former life was in a biotech lab. I would LOVE a 7853 in the lab but they are still north of 4 digits. I am not unhappy with things as 3 years ago the bench was a power supply and soldering iron. So you will be suppressed how fast it can go. I am curious to see how far it goes!


On 3/6/2020 6:33 PM, Magic_Smoke wrote:
On Fri, Mar 6, 2020 at 10:36 AM, David Kuhn wrote:

LOL, sorry, I must assume you do not work for one of those sticker changing
calibration calibration labs.
Correct, I am an engineer making microchips by day and I hardly ever get to touch the hardware at work with my own hands - electronics is one of my hobbies. Or more like big pieces of a hobby I will play with when I have some more free time. I just think calibrating an old scope sounds like a relaxing way to spend a few evenings, and I finally came across a 2445B to justify it. :)

Eric, your lab sounds like a cool place. Be warned! My ever-expanding collection of tools may be a symptom of lab withdrawal after I graduated. You never think it will happen to you...

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