Re: Powering P6201 or P6202A from Tekprobe

Harvey White

One other way is to use an 1101 or 1101A, perhaps an 1102 (not sure about that).

The 1101 is simply a box with 4 lemo chassis mount connectors on it, and a simple LM317 LM337 supply.

The 6201 and 6202A (IIRC on this) use only +/- 15 volts.  The additional 5 volts on the extra pin of the 1101 is unused.

I think you've got a pretty decent scope collection, so if you have a parts donor 7000 series frame, it's going to have the female connectors on it already.  Yet Another Project.....

To the other questions, I don't know the answer.


On 3/4/2020 4:58 AM, David C. Partridge wrote:
I own a P6201 and a P6202A. Neither will plug into a scope with a TekProbe

I'm wondering how "hard" it would be to adapt them to use a TekProbe
connector ...

Are the connectors available separately?

Is there an adapter from TekProbe to regular BNC plus Lemo?


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