Re: Deep Colors on 7000 Series Modules (and maybe also Mainframes) Mystery partly solved.


Hi Egge Siert,
Oh, that explains everything. Mods (as in Mod JA) were custom modifications. They are not the same as Options which were listed in the catalogs for anyone to purchase. The mods were always unique to a particular customer who was willing to pay for the modification. Obviously it wouldn't make sense for a customer to inquire about the cost of a mod unless they intended to purchase enough of this particular modification to justify spreading the cost across a lot of units.

For example I have two 7A29 plugins and the front panel is entirely in a very pretty blue. They came from IBM who paid for this particular modification to make the plugins consistent with their blue logo.

Now the date codes make more sense since the company that placed the order for the plugins with this modification probably signed a contract to take a lot of them and Tek was probably forcing them to accept them even after production on the rest of the 7000 series was stopped.

Dennis Tillman W7pF

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Hi Dennis,

It is a 7B80 MOD JA with SN; B066447. Other productioncodes on Transistors, IC's and Passive Components are: 9206, 9241, 9246, 9243 etc. Interface Board number: 670-4177-05. Another unlikely piece of equipment I own: a 3S6 produced in the beginning of the 90's and this one has also a different Frontpanel compared with normal 3S6 Modules.

By the way when Tektronix run out of Mechanical Frequency Dials for the SG504 Modules they redesigned it with a Digital Display and a new Frontpanel more in line with the design of the TM5000 and late TM500 Series. They also revised the Instruction Manual to incorporate these Design Changes (070-1632-02).

Egge Siert

NOTE: MOD JA provides a connector at the rear panel of the 7B80 and other TB's. Wired with coax-cable to be in parallel with the External Trigger Connector at the Front Panel. This to provide rear-panel input with a comparable modified Oscilloscope.

Dennis Tillman W7PF
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