Restoration advice


So In building out the lab I have found that I have more then a few pieces of Tektronix gear That I am servicing and maintaining. Given that I have a great deal of gear now that was born WELL before me I want to future proof it as much as possible. Especially some of the larger instruments like the 7000 Frames and the curve tracers, also a few signal sources that are in the type 100 series. The questions I am struggling with is how far I should go with the preventive component replacement or should I leave alone that which is working. I am asking more in the realm of the electrolytic capacitors. Are the ALL dead or is it just the filters that need replacement? Form working on computers that have aged it seems to be a problem that sticks with the larger value caps with the bursting and the leaking. To protect the transformers and extremely hard to replace gear I have them online interactive power conditioning ups units. These are full clean sign wave not modified sine wave that most ups units output when they switch to batteries. Just hoping to make this gear outlast me and still be very well taken care of.

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