Re: CRT rebuilding


Interesting thought. I wonder if they would work on 576 crts I have 2 -5
tubes that could use a rejuvenation. Or possable rebuild. For the 1 off
tubes like that I would not mind paying for a rebuild.

On Sun, Mar 1, 2020, 10:22 PM Roy Thistle <>

Hi All:
I ran into a guy who owned one of the service companies that used to
supply rebuilt CRTs for televisions... it was a good business for about 15
years. Basically, he would rebuild (install a new gun assembly) onto a unit
with a failed one (either filament damaged, or emitter components damaged)…
he did not do any re-phosphor. He could charge T.V. repair shops about 20%
less than the manufacturer supplied CRT.
My guess is... if the guns for Tek CRTs are not available (and where would
they be?)... or unless possibly one wanted burn-in repair on the screen (so
re-depositing the phosphor) on an otherwise strong CRT... then rebuilding
is not going to happen. Guns for popular television tubes where
manufactured by the 100's of millions... and maybe still are available in
China, of the former C.C.C.P. countries. Tek guns... not so much.
Best cheers and wishes.

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