FS: Late serial 7104 with 2x7A29, 7B15, 7B10 in UK


I've not used this more than 3-4 times since I bought it a few years back
from an estate sale in the Manchester area.

The person who owned it was a collector and had HUGE amounts of stuff, all
in almost new condition.

Serial B052922 which is very late AFAIK, and it is in very fine condition.

It has minor screen burn in the readout area, and no obvious signs of burn
in the rest of the CRT screen.

I only broke the calibration seals to have a look inside!

It comes complete with a "dead tree" service manual.

I'm not really sure what to ask for it so make me an offer (off list).

Given the risk of shipping damage, this is for collection only from
Kenilworth, GB


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