Sphere Stuff Day CRTs (yes, you can stay home an still get them)


Everybody is always looking for unobtainable Tek and HP CRTs, here’s
what we will be clearing out at Stuff Day., along with MANY generic types
which will be posted to the Remote Stuff Day Page. This is an advance look
for list members of the Tek and HP types. These take up a HUGE amount
of room, so I will be very happy to see them live at your place.

Tektronix CRTs any one for US$40 each, unless marked otherwise.
(1) 119-4444-10 Sony CRT assy, NIB ($70)
(1) 154-0235-00 Circ.
(1) 154-0433-00 Circ., w/shield
(1) 154-0633-13 Rect., P7
(1) 154-0633-10 Rect.
(1) 154-0644-09 Rect. Screen dot
(2) 154-0667-02 Rect., w/shield
(1) 154-0672-00 Rect.
(1) 154-0713-04 Rect, Dual Beam
(1) 154-0726-05 Rect., NIB
(2) 154-0731-00 Rect.
(2) 154-0850-01 Rect.
(1) 154-0905-00 Rect.
(1) 154-0910-00 Rect., Spectrum Analyzer
(1) 154-0969-00 Rect. w/shield
(1) 5BGP2 Tek, Circ.
(1) 492 SA CRT w/shield ($70)
(1) SA CRT w/shield, probably 492 style. ($70)

HP CRTs any one for US$35 each, unless marked otherwise.
(1) 2510-0531 Rect. Mag. CRT assy (HP 8920) NIB ($95)
(1) 5083-0570 Rect. Storage
(1) 5083-1620 NIB
(1) 5083-2372 Rect. (HP180?)
(1) 5083-2511 Rect. Storage (HP 141T) SA NIB ($75)
(1) 5083-3853 Circ. (HP 1220A)
(1) 5083-3976 NIB (HP 182T) ($75)
(1) 5083-4052
(1) 5083-4652 Rect.

Also have new 5ADP1 circular tubes, used in some early scopes.

All will get posted to the Remote Stuff Day page for casual perusing shortly,
along with another 70 or so US/Euro and Japanese standard CRTs, some as cheap as US$5
each. All are clean, at least filament tested or known to work, some are factory new (NIB).
This means you can get them at any time until Stuff Day ends, whether you pick them up
or have them shipped, but first come, first served.

Please email me off list (walter2 -at- sphere.bc.ca) if any interest in these. You can get them now or reserve them for pick up at stuff day. Keep in mind, the cheapest shipping for a full sized CRT is about US$50 in North America, so pick up makes real sense, as it would pay for your gas up here.

All the best,
Sphere Research Corp.

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