Re: Tektronix 2467B Auto Measure Faulty?

Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

The Auto Measure mode only works with CH1 and CH2 inputs.

If both CH1 and CH2 are selected, CH1 takes priority.

In the Auto Measure mode, there is a button all the way to
the right called "CONFIGURE". In the CONFIGURE screen there
is a button all the way to the right called "PROBE"

In the probe configure menu you can select what happens when
the probe ring (identify) is grounded.

The first three options are IDENTIFY, AUTOCONFIGURE, INIT50%.

The last option is STEP. Step allows you to increment through
the preconfigured test setups for the scope..

The operator manual describes this very well, but if you wished,
you could program the test setups in the scope to measure FREQ.

I don't know what the default test setup is, but FREQ seems

Test setups are reached through the diagnostics menu.

-Chuck Harris

satbeginner wrote:

Hi all,

this may be relevant to the measurement problem in this thread:

While I was tracing why my 2465B would not switch the sensitivity readout when a 10X probe was connected to Ch1, I stumbled on the following:

When I have both Ch1 and Ch2 active, with only a signal on Ch2, and I press Measure, followed by Frequency, it will give this error because it will try to measure Ch1.

With only Ch2 active and having an input signal, it does read the correct frequency.

And the extra I found today:
The outer ring on all BNC inputs is normally used to switch the readout from 1x to 10x when using a 10x probe with a readout PIN.

However: temporarily grounding the readout ring on any of the 4 channels will trigger an automatic frequency measure of the lowest channel active... This was completely new to me?

BTW, my problem was just a dirty ring on Ch1... ;-)

Un saludo,


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