Re: Tektronix 2467B Auto Measure Faulty?

Chuck Harris

Generally, I go right from the AUTO voltage measurement failure
to cleaning U500, to replacing U500.... but then, I have spare
scopes that I keep to verify failed hybrids..

If you want to be doubly sure, go to the schematic page for the
A/B sweep, and trigger hybrid, and notice that there are hexagons
with numbers and pointers on the schematic. These are test points,
and there is an earlier page that shows the settings the scope
should be in, and what the waveform at the test point should look

Look at the test points: 28, 46, 36, 29, 34 and 42.

-Chuck Harris

Leandro Lindemann via Groups.Io wrote:


I will order this IC on Ebay then.

Before ordering the CI, would you like me to do some other measure in the scope? I have another scope (hitachi) that I can use for this.

Thanks for your help.

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