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Please advise me of when the "stuff day" is to take place and when you post
listings of what stuff is up for sale. I can't make the trip, but I will
consider bidding online.


Steve Horii

On Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 12:51 PM walter shawlee <@walter2>

The next stuff day event is tentatively set for saturday May 2nd.
this time seems clear for most people, but let me know if there's a

This year we will also have "remote" stuff day, where those from far away
can also get items when the initial stuff day event is over, or reserve
them in advance.
This may prove handy for those who just can't travel to the wilds of BC.
Really large and heavy items
will be excluded, however. lots of nifty HP items in particular this year,
plus a beautiful Tek 500Mhz
7934 real time storage scope. Also a huge pile of spare boards for HP and
Tek gear, and lots of tubes and CRTs, including Tek and HP CRTs.

The reason for excluding heavy items from shipping is that I broke my
right shoulder 6 weeks ago, and still have 3 months of physio to get back
in good condition. That just makes shipping large stuff a non-starter for
me right now. I will be relying on local volunteers to help move some of
the heavy stuff and help with set up and prep. Anybody interested, or
amateurs wanting trunk sale space, please let me know.

There will be things for everybody, from exotic tools (air tools to
chassis punches and top tier hand tools) and bulk hardware to every
possible kind of electronics, as well as microscopes, telescopes, microwave
gear, breadboards and interesting free items of all kinds. And yes, lots
of parts.

We may also get some local radio amateurs to joint in a trunk sale
alongside stuff day as before, so that will add some diversity, plus we
have a bunch of great RF and shortwave gear of our own to add.

Let us know if you need a spot to park your sleeping bag if you are
arriving early, guests are welcome.
we are in West Kelowna, BC, about 4 hours drive from Vancouver. We can
take Visa/MC and paypal as well, to make things easier.

all the best,
walter (walter2 -at-

Walter Shawlee 2
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