Re: Tektronix 2467B Auto Measure Faulty?

Chuck Harris

You are looking at the military service manual... it is not the best
manual to have. The US military standardized on the Fluke calibrators.

You can calibrate your scope with the usual SG503/504, PG506, TG501
and TD pulser arrangement.

Go to Didier's website, and get this manual:


-Chuck Harris

leandro.lindemann via Groups.Io wrote:

The service manual states that a Fluke 5820A calibrator is required to calibrate the 2467. This instrument is inaccessible here in Brazil.

I believe that there must be other instruments capable of being used. Can someone tell me what they would be?
I intend to rent the instruments I need here in Brazil. I really want to resolve this defect.


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