Re: 547 scope HV transformer problem. One practical solution.

Morris Odell

I have washed many 500 series scopes (and other boatanchors) over the years without any fancy equipment and have had very good results. I posted a set of photos a few years ago of a 547 wash and you can find it here in the photos section. You need to pick a time and place when there will be several hot days in a row - here in Australia it's usually around this time of year and the temp can be 90-100F for days. Pull the tubes, CRT, fan, pluggable transistors and anything else easily removable or loseable taking care to label them so they can be reinstalled to the right places. Take it outside for a scrub down with a brush and detergent solution and rinse it down with the garden hose - fortunately the water where I live is pretty soft. Try to avoid flooding the power and HV transformers. Leave it outside in the direct sun for a day or two to dry. If you want to bake it even hotter, you could put it in a car parked in the sun but I haven't tried that. I do the knobs separately in the sink with detergent and an old toothbrush, a squirt with something like WD40 restores the shine nicely. Lubricate the shaft bushings and switches when you reassemble it.

It will look like new and after an electronic overhaul and cal, should behave like new too.


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