Re: 2465B - Weak Readout Intensity


I am finally getting this scope to the point of getting ready to do a full, albeit low precision calibration (+/-10% will be fine for my purposes, and within my reference equipment range). I am seeing one issue with the built in Time/Freq Measurement function. Regardless of the purity of the signal I apply, in the case of the picture, a 5 MHz sine wave from a good source, when I select wither T or 1/T Measurement the alert text "CHx: NOISY OR APERIODIC SIGNAL" is show and no time or frequency measurement is given.

I searched the internet and scoured the manual for any reference to this message, but found nothing.

Perhaps one of you might be familiar with this message/symptom. I will note that I have not yet attempted to do a full calibration on this, but most of the readings are well within reason, if measured by the cursors or screen graticules.

( I posted a picture of the screen shot of this, among others, in the Photos directory on the web page, but don't know how to link to those pictures here.)


- Scott

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