Re: Repairing my Tektronix 454 oscilloscope need some advice


On 2020-02-22 7:10 PM, Ed Breya via Groups.Io wrote:
With all this talk about HV stuff, I think it's a good time to introduce my HV curve-tracer/test box thing. I have been wrapping up the final design and features recently, and it's looking real good, with high utility for all sorts of HV device testing. ...
Anyway, it is moving along and working nicely, so I'll soon be able to put out some info on it. I'll report more as I finalize and draft up documents from my notes. I think some will find the system and design concepts interesting and useful.

Now, this whole deal may be considered OT here, since it isn't about Tek scopes per se, but I think the principles are very useful for checking out many of the problematic HV type components used in our scopes. So Dennis, if you don't want this here, please speak up ASAP, and I will refrain from further discussion.
Please don't refrain. This seems eminently relevant IMHO.



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