Re: 547 scope HV transformer problem. One practical solution.

Randy Newman

Hi Ernesto.
As a happy 555 owner (beautiful sharp blue trace (p13 phosphor?). Re
washing, check the BAMA (Boat Anchor ....) and look in the tek section for
tektronix magazines....or maybe I am thinking of the site.
Yes...the latter...see the 111wiki, then section 38 manuals, catalogs, and
other publications...then "Tektronix magazines" Tekscope vol 8 no. 4
1976..has tek's scope washing procedure. This is a 2-parter..don't have the
other issue...might be vol 9 no. 1. Plus there is a wealth of information
on tube and xsistor scopes. I also have a 7834, 7633, and 7623. But I
really like the 555, even with its external supply(!!). Nice garage
heater....some day I will have a real shop area.
Hope this helps!

On Thu, Feb 20, 2020, 9:27 AM Ernesto <ebordon@...> wrote:

Hi John, thank you for pointing me to the world of oscilloscope washing,

I read about the experiences of others and the industry washing
oscilloscopes with water. The hairs on my head used to stand up at the
idea, but now I recognize that it is relatively safe, although it
requires WORK.
I compare it with my long experience of "don't fix what is not broken",
and the good luck I have with my old scope that had a 40 years leave of

I perfectly cleaned the exterior of my 547, and it is shiny. The inside
is different, with plenty of dust deposited on the tubes and surfaces. I
like to preserve it like that for its dramatic effect. The instrument will
be perfect for my grandchildren to play with it when they are a little
bigger, and it may awaken their interest in electronics. I plan to show
them the inside of the scope to be impressed with its age, but after that
the inside will be off limits to them.

But... if I experience any failures, I feel competent enough to trace
them to the failed component, or particles of dust, and I will remove
just those offending particles.

NOTE: I have a different standard for washing myself, staying clean inside
and changing my underwear, ha ha ha.


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