Re: 475 Module: Anyone need it?

Bruce Lane

Thanks, Renee, but it ended up going to another fellow who has a broken
'scope he's trying to fix.

Best of the week to you.

On 16-Feb-20 10:54, Renée wrote:
Hi Bruce-
I use the 475  as my preferred If it is still available...I
will take it.
we should do this off list from here ....k6fsb dot 1 at the gmail place

On 2/16/20 10:43 AM, Bruce Lane wrote:
Fellow Tekkies,

    While hunting for a part this morning, I came across a Tektronix
which I think is the vertical driver board for a 460 or 470 series. The
part number is 670-3023-02.

    I don't need it, as I sold my 475 some time ago. First offer of $5
postage gets it, priority to those who might need the thing to repair an
existing 'scope.

    Thanks much.

Bruce Lane, ARS KC7GR
kyrrin (at) bluefeathertech dot com
"Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati" (Red Green)

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