Re: Repairing my Tektronix 454 oscilloscope need some advice

Dave Wise

If I understand correctly, the 454 HV is similar to the 453. I successfully rewound a 453 transformer using a low-tech process which I documented in topic and photo album titled "453 HV Transformer Rewind".

Dave Wise
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Sent: Saturday, February 15, 2020 10:40 AM
Subject: [TekScopes] Repairing my Tektronix 454 oscilloscope need some advice

Hi members,
I have since many years a tek 454. Few years ago the trace stop to show. Since I have more spare time to dedicate to my small lab I would like to repair it.
The first step was to repair the power supply witch is working now fine. Then I discover that the CRT circuit is not working (very low voltage on the TP 1469 (-1960V)) and no voltage on the CRT heater.
I test all the parts on the Z Axis circuit board feeding the HV voltage and I couldn't find any trouble. I open the plastic box containing the HV transformer for testing and all the parts seems fine except a 1 Mohm resistor which I replace it. Is not easy to work on this circuit with few information but I think the HV transformer is dead.
A very well know Canadian supplier for Tek parts doesn't have any spare available for the HV transformer. So I'm looking for some advice or any members experience on this scope or additional test to confirm my suspicion. Also any specs about the HV transformer will be welcome.
Thanks in advance.

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