Re: 5116+5D10 intensity problem

Harvey White

You're welcome.  I don't know if you have the particular HV transformer, but as Chuck (next) says, you're definitely looking at a low high voltage, so the question, of course, is why....

For the probe:  That's likely a P6015 or the equivalent.  It may be used with or without the dielectric liquid.  WIth, I think that the rating is 30KV, without, about 18KV.  You should be fine without it.   You may want to try using it with an adaptor with a meter, but it is designed to work into a 1 meg input impedance, and most meters are 10.  Paralleling the meter input to make it 1 meg is recommended if you try this.  I'd also try a test run (if you do that) on a known 100 volt or so supply to make sure you get the required 0.1 volt on the meter.  If not, then you're using it on a scope, and while you'll get a good idea, of voltage, it will only be within about 5% or so unless you have an A/D plugin.  The 5D10 might just do for that if you could see the readouts.

I recommend hunting the internet for the manuals for everything you have, if you haven't already.  I have an electronic library in several places.  Some of that information is available for only a limited time.


On 2/17/2020 3:22 AM, Yeun-Jung Wu wrote:
Hello Harvey:

Thank you for your hint on future diagnosis. I will start collecting more information on epoxy coated transformer first.

5D10 seemed to work fine except read out information had been expanded outside the screen. Now I understand why red LED "possible under-sampling" would lit: I was using slow time base to watch two nearly identical 7kHz since wave superimposed together to form a nice envelope. There were lot of wave form variation during long accuqsition time but the available memory space for storing waveform was limited. When I select faster time base such that several cycles was within the range of one horizontal division that warning went away.

More than 5 year's ago I bought a Tek high voltage probe from eBay. There was an empty can supposed to contain liquid with high dielectric strength, something similar to banned CFC freon. For 4.5kV maybe I can fill some other liquid and give it a try.

Best Regards,

Yeun-Jung Wu

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