Re: help tek 475 power supply

Chuck Harris

Because you don't get a lot of room to route the heavy
traces needed in a power supply, with a two layer circuit
board, designers very often used cheats, like using the
fact that all of the negative lugs on twist lock electrolytic
capacitors are connected together, to make no cost
jumper wires used to make circuit board routing easier.

If you didn't make sure that all of the twist lugs on the
capacitors you replaced have wire jumpers to make those
connections, your supply will be very confused.

-Chuck Harris

Roberto wrote:

hello everyone after changing the electrolytic capacitors on my teak 475 I have a problem that turned on after a few minutes it turns off I checked that the transistor Q1446 2n2222 was defective due to the fact that it looks like a 24v zener diode with a 180 series resistor hom that heats up and makes you break some ideas?

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