The Everlasting 547 HV Transformer topic

leonard scheepsma

I've once again restored a 547 almost at the edge of the dirt container, got it working (except then both time-bases A & B do not trigger but that's for later as I run an 1S2 right now which doesn't need it anyway) but the scope shows all symptoms of a defective HV transformer (20 mins show time and then dies on me..)

So, I read Chuck Harris is the man who could possibly make me a replacement. For a 549 I have as well, I got an Xfrm winded locally, but that was no success (spraying), for that scope a small blower entered the HV case which solved the problem as the temperature doesn't rise so much. For this 547 I'm very interested to have a real good replacement.

I've sent a direct email to Chuck a few times but got no response yet. He is around right?

Thanks Leonard

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