Re: 2465B Option 05 + 06 (TV/CTT)


IIRC there are also front panel differences that go with the TV trigger
option, there's an extra button and some labelling differences.

On Fri, Feb 14, 2020 at 8:16 AM Chuck Harris <> wrote:

Anyone who has that ASIC has, or at least had, the board
it was robbed from... I truly doubt there are any NOS
CTT ASICs anywhere in the world.

And, $250 buys you a couple weeks of lunches and Starbucks
at most... Just sayin' ...

-Chuck Harris wrote:
Hello Chuck,

You're right, there is one ASIC but I can find it on ebay.
Actually the main problem is the crystal, its frequency is 13.10669MHz,
I can't find one.

I'd love to buy another 2465B but they are difficult to find in Europe,
and if I buy an oscilloscope from the USA I need to add about 250 USD for
shipping and tax...
That's why I'm looking for cheaper (and lighter !) boards :)


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