Re: 11301/11302 in the Bay area


The manual looks interesting but no real troubleshooting in it. I did see an adjustment for horizontal dynamic jitter or positioning, I can't find it again. The issue with my scope, other than dropping the constants, is that I can adjust the scope display pots to get a nice text display but there is something stored incorrectly because when I reboot, it is all out of focus again. But even when I get a nice text display, the trace doesn't overlay correctly. so the trace looks wide horizontally. I have the software for calibration and went through some of those but it looked, if I remember from last year or so, that it wasn't saving or holding the settings so it probably needs new flash ram.

I wanted a 400Mhz+ analog scope because all my DSOs do a poor job at displaying modulation no matter how much I screw around with them. The other thing I wanted an analog scope for was doing semiconductor curves. I have a couple of circuits (not the octopus type) that do a pretty good job of displaying curves. My DSOs, with the exception of my TDS3054D just don't work well there. I have all the plug-ins and use them in my DSA602 so I would love to get this one working, but I really think it is toast and I am going to take one more look and then trash it.



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