Re: 11301/11302 in the Bay area

Clark Foley

Jerry, I am glad that you found the Preliminary Service books. Kurt R. was very generous to feed those beasts to the document scanner. Although the books are preliminary, they are not too far from what went to production. These books were prepared for training the service personnel.

I have the film images of the assembled boards known as Kodagraphs. I don't recall if anyone has posted these. These are necessary to locate the components and verify the trace routing/wiring. The image files are huge; so, let me know which board you think you need and I can post it or email it.

By the way, all of the original factory calibration constants are/were stored in flash memory on the 11300 series scopes. If the scope when through a proper servicing, the flash would have been updated to reflect any new hardware or significant calibration change. You should be able to get the thing to show signs of life without the need to cal it from scratch.

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