Any known issues with the 577?


So along with the 576’s that I am trying to rebuild It seems that a 577 D1 and decided to call my lab its resting place for now. It is in pristine condition given its age and the chips are date coded 91 so it seems to be one of the very late models. The good news is the tube is nice and bright with good visibility at about ½ intensity. They only issues I have found with it so far was the storage switches were slightly gummy and needed to be cleaned so they have been drenched in and exercised. Also it seems the looping capacitor in the 177 has locked complete solid other then that all the controls “feel” free and mobile. And there is 0 dust in the unit it looks like it has sat on a shelf for 30 years. Is there any known faults in a 577 like there are in a 576 that I need to worried about for this unit to be serviceable for the long haul? If there is noting there and I can repair the 177 I am going to run it through the performance check and Cal procedure then learn how to maximize its potential on the bench.

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