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Hi Garp,
<SNIP> His Tek 576 plots on the laptop screen seem quite convincing and useful...

There were many comments about this a month ago. The 576 plots on the laptop are the most plausible aspect of whatever this person was attempting to demonstrate. It is a very primitive display. At a minimum he could have calculated and displayed the voltage and current of each graticule division along the left and bottom axes, overlaid the base current next to each step of the characteristic curves, and added useful information. Instead it adds nothing. It simply repeats the info from the 576 readouts and switch settings. It is nice documentation if you are keeping a lab notebook, but if you are a casual user of the curve tracer the axis scales and the overlays makes understanding the results easier.

I would also add:
* Every aspect of this is so crude and amateurish that you could not even call it a "prototype". The kindest thing I would say about it is that it was done as "a proof of concept".
* Alarm bells were going off in my head as I looked at this and the other web site pictures and info because they were deliberately being secretive.
* In order to capture all the information they show on the laptop they have to make connections to many places inside the 576.

Conclusion: Given the extremely amateurish nature of everything I can see they did and the secrecy I wouldn't touch one of these things.

I do admire the person who had the idea. It is a very good one and he should keep at it. I think he will have a very bright future in electronics. He reminds me of myself when all I wanted to do when I was 20 was to design my own oscilloscope.

Fortunately I did not know that when Barrie Gilbert was about the same age he showed up at Tek with a SAMPLING OSCILLOSCOPE he designed. Finding out things like this is a very humbling experience.

Dennis Tillman W7pF

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The eBay seller of the Tek 576 with USB is still listing ....
perhaps he has multiple units...

His Tek 576 plots on the laptop screen seem quite convincing and useful...

(eBay search " Tektronix 576 USB " ):

I did not get a reply *when* I queried the Seller for more information about his interface to the Tek 576.

-- Did anyone else try to get a reply ?

Dennis Tillman W7PF
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