Scam test equipment seller on and scam test equipment company Pancamega Indonesia

Ken Eckert

Two scams going, fellow on the R&S groups has found a seller on *,*I
had an email trail and purported invoice on a piece of Datron equipment.
Outlined below

A couple of weeks back a forum member was asking about a German website
called ** because he'd seen something he wanted to buy. I was bored
one day so I thought I've have a look and see if there's any R&S equipment
for sale. As it happened I saw an SMB100A on there for 900 euros which is
very cheap (about half the second-hand price). You never know what people's
circumstances and why they might be selling a particular item so I thought
I'd message the guy and see what he said.
After a day or two he got back to me saying that he still has the
instrument, and it was with him in Copenhagen, Denmark.
As** seems to be a site that just puts buyers and sellers in touch
(similar to Craigslist in the US or Gumtree in the UK) I expressed my
concerns that neither of us was covered in case of an issue and i am not
comfortable with sending large amounts of money to people I've never met or
dealt with before. Also, randomly, I have friends and relatives in
Copenhagen so I offered to pick the item up or if he preferred we could do
the sale on Ebay. He replied saying it might be easier to use a shipping
company he knows in Denmark, but I could also pick the unit up if I wanted.
All seemed fairly legit until I started looking at the shipping website he
wanted me to use. I worked out this is an "Escrow scam" and only realised
something looked odd when the website ended in .tk instead of the Danish
.dk. Basically the shippig website is owned by the scammer and it pretends
to offer Escrow services whereby you send them money as an intermediary,
then they release the money to the seller after you've received the good
and are happy with them, except that in this case the scammer keeps the
money and the goods don't exist.
Luckily i was quite cautious and worked out what the guy was up to - I
called his bluff and said I'd come and pick the equipment up. After that he
disappeared. Some more details:

1. The guys name is Mr Rolf Bjarne Pedersen, email address
2. The scam shipping website and the real
Danish shipping company (the fake website has
cloned all the addresses of the real website, but it looks totally

So, it turns out there are people out there who are setting up scams
selling quite esoteric high value R&S equipment, not just the obvious
Iphones or Apple laptops.

*Beware another scam site Pancamega,
<> *

Google Pancamega review, a couple of people were taken. Had a long email
trail about a piece of Datron equipment. Supposed to wire the money to a
bank in Jakarta, "sales manager Clara Indri"

Their address on their invoice is :
*Jl. Mohammad Kahfi 2, No 33, Cipedak,*

*Jagakarsa, South Jakarta,12630 Indonesia*

*If you Google that address you get a residential address as per one of the

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