Looking for the PM-102/PM-103 Personality Module Service Manual


Does anyone have the Tektronix PM102/PM103 Personality Module Manual for the
6800/6802 microprocessors that is NOT this one: "070-2914-00 First Printing
August 1980".

I have two of these PM 102/PM103 Personality Modules. One agrees with the
manual that I listed above. The other one is different in significant ways
so Tek must have either
1) Issued a later revision of the manual, or
2) Included, at the very least, a significant Manual Change Notice in the
back of the same manual I listed above.

It appears from the serial numbers that my earlier PM102/PM103, Serial
#B010236, agrees with the August 1980 manual and it has a few jumpers on it.

The later PM102/PM103, Serial #, B010457, has no jumpers on it and the PC
Board is very different.

The early serial number board in question is labeled Y-6606-01 and the later
serial number board is Y-6606-02.
The official part number for the early SN board is 670-6118 and it is
670-6618-00 for the later SN. It is odd that the part number for the PC
Board didn't change except by adding the -00 suffix

Thanks in advance
Dennis Tillman W7pF

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