Re: TDS3000B USB floppy emulator

David Kuhn

???? I wonder if this will work with our TDS3000s? It's not hard to keep
the floppy drives working, but 3.5" disks have not been made since 2012 and
even "brand new" ones out of the box have issues. They may work fine with
the scope, but then can not be accessed with a USB-FLOPPY drive (I have
several). I have to search through a box to find a few that work with both
drives. Come to think of it, even if you let the computer re-format the
floppy, they still do not work with the three USB-Floppy drives I have. I
was quite confused if the problem was the drives or the disks. The disks,
typically, all worked with the scope's drive. I can find 3 or 4 out each
box of 20 that work with both. I may install a real 3.5" drive in my main
bench computer, but its mother board doesn't support it. So I will need a
PCB or Floppy to SATA Emulator PCB.

I use GPIB to get screen shots in to my Word Documents rather quickly, so
it is not urgent except when down-grading the scope software in order to
update the scope bandwidth and then re-upgrading the scope software again.
I used to have a lot of setups on floppy for the scopes, but I now pull the
setups off and save them to the computer with OpenChoise Desktop.

It would be nice to a USB port in the front of the scope verses the floppy,
but it's not urgent. If you try one that works, please le us all know, I
would order three drives to update my three TDS3000 scopes.

Thanks kindly,


On Sat, Feb 1, 2020 at 10:15 PM Tom B <> wrote:


I looked at these. It looks like all are SD, not USB. I also need a 26
pin interface. HXC did have one USB emulator with a 26 pin interface
but it is USB type B. Not quite what I want.

I did find one on ebay for about $30US that looks like it will fit but
I don't know if it will function in the oscilloscope.


On 2/1/2020 8:03 PM, Geoffrey Smith wrote:
Have a look at;!!KfGNmQmE!1spBXzicCsUJKw4KZxEE3pSMbfpGjM0Hm2JVHq4ESgwQLxm3yt0zLa67KhdX$

HXC may already have one or , from experience, seem happy to program one
for you.


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