Re: TDS3000B USB floppy emulator

Tom B


I looked at these.  It looks like all are SD, not USB.  I also need a 26 pin interface.  HXC did have one USB emulator with a 26 pin interface but it is USB type B.  Not quite what I want.

I did find  one on ebay for about $30US  that looks like it will fit but I don't know if it will function in the oscilloscope.


On 2/1/2020 8:03 PM, Geoffrey Smith wrote:
Have a look at;!!KfGNmQmE!1spBXzicCsUJKw4KZxEE3pSMbfpGjM0Hm2JVHq4ESgwQLxm3yt0zLa67KhdX$

HXC may already have one or , from experience, seem happy to program one for you.


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