7000 Series plugins in need of repair and a good home


I have quite a few 7000 plugins in need of repair and I don't have the time
to do it.
I have two goals in mind: 1) be sure each plugin goes where it will do the
most good;
2) Learn how to become a better troubleshooter from your suggestions and

They are complete - all parts are there. Nothing is broken.
All knobs, switches, push buttons, levers, etc work.
All the knobs are present. There are no bent shafts, etc.
Last summer I tested every one. I spent about an hour checking everything.
If I encountered a problem with it I wrote down what the problem was.
I then guessed what might be causing it and looked at that section of the
If I found nothing unusual or out of the ordinary I set it aside for
something to do when I had more time.

These are not parts mules.
If you find debugging hardware challenging then there might be something you
can use in my list of plugins.
If you would like my list email me off list at dennis at ridesoft dot com.
The SUBJECT of your email should be" Send me your list of broken 7K
Otherwise your email might be lost in all the other stuff I get.

ESSAY QUESTIONS: I am very interested in learning more about you and how you
go about troubleshooting 7K plugins.
It is likely I will get more requests than I have plugins. In that case your
answers to these questions will help me choose who to give them to:
Which 7K MFs and plugins do you have now?
What do you use them for?
What have you repaired in the past?
Why tools, instruments, hardware, documentation, education, skills,
strategies, checklists, and anything else do you have that makes it more
likely that you will be able to find the problems in these or any 7K
Which plugin you want and why?
What will you use it for when you fix it?
What is the most interesting thing you have ever used a 7K oscilloscope for?
How bad do you want this plugin?
If you have pictures of you lab include them in your email.

THE BAD NEWS: There is no free lunch
These will cost $20 to $25 in USPS postage to ship to anywhere in the US.
Nobody makes boxes the right size to send a single plugin in.
They do make boxes that are the perfect size for two plugins.
These are the boxes I bought. If you find two plugins on my list the postage
goes up to $30 to $35 which is less per plugin.

Dennis Tillman W7pF

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