Looking for TDS6804B pictures or TDS6/7000B series acquisition boards, bad or good


Hi all,

I'm new here but some of you may know me from the eevblog forum and the TDS floppy nvram dump scripts.

Currently I'm looking for some good soul who would be willing to share very detailed component level pictures of a TDS6804B acquisition board. I had to do with a totally dishonest seller who sold me a TDS6804B where the acquisition board was stripped of quite some components. They removed a bit of everything: an ADC, an analog mux, the VCOs are gone, some MCUs ripped out, smaller passive components missing. It look like they did a try-and-error repair job and eventually gave up on it or sourced some parts from there. A complete shame, you don't give up on such wonderful equipment.

I'm also looking for any TDS6000B/7000B series acquisition boards, good or bad, free or not, which I could use as a donor, as the -B series all seem to share a lot of components and certainly the core components.

The boards for offer on Ebay are simply way too expensive for this kind of risky adventure.

So far I had no luck, but any efforts would be very highly appreciated and I can only thank in advance for any replies or efforts.

-- flyte

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