SG503 & 504 Sig. Gen. 'leveling' upgrade concept


Hi All...
Given the expense of the SG5030 Sig. gen. & leveling head ($2000 +). I am looking at doing a project to create a precision Peak 2 Peak Voltage display 'Head' for the output of my SG503.
I can leverage the same instrumentation I used to create & calibrate my existing SG504 leveling head replacement to create individually calibrated 'precision' Vpp display units for the SG503 and more.
Thus this new 'head' will display the Vpp at the end of the BNC signal cable from the SG503 to ensure reliable accuracy at the D.U.T.

This 'upgrade' is not constrained to ONLY working with the SG503 but can assess the Vpp of any signal source within the usable frequency range. I expect the usable frequency range to exceed 1Ghz based on the components used, thus the 'upgrade' will ALSO be able to validate the SG504s output in real time. It would also work for the SG5030.....or any sig. gen.

While it does not attempt to 'level' the SG503, it intends to delver a real time, calibrated, Vpp reference display that is set by the Sig. Gen. amplitude controls.This provides a useful signal level and precision to hopefully rival or better the SG5030 output and mitigate impedance variation introduced by the RG 58 cabling or the DUT.
Thus the SG503 will now be able to deliver accurate leveling up to 250Mhz with sufficient precision as this range is not handled by the SG504 plugin & leveling head.

Of course, once successful I will make the upgrades available via EBAY as I do with the SG504 heads.

Any thoughts on this are welcome.

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