Re: Final Accounting for your Contributions to TekScopes

Dave Voorhis

Armchair Airlines Computer Services Inc. is me!

It started out as just Armchair Airlines in the early 1980's, a videogame
software company that I co-founded. Perfect name for a videogame company,
isn't it? :-)

Games is a hard way to make a living, so we turned into a business software
company in the late 80's. We also made and sold one game, a business
simulation as an adjunct to a highschool textbook. It was apparently
somewhat successful, but for various reasons we never got any royalties.

It kept me and some colleagues gainfully employed all through the 90's,
then I retired from it in the early 2000's but kept the name.

Now it's just me.

On Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 6:49 AM Dennis Tillman W7PF <>

... The most amusing organization to make a
contribution was Armchair Airlines Computer Services Inc. Is every seat in
their fleet of planes a lounge chair? Why can't other airlines do this?

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