Re: 56 pins (TM500/5000 and 5000 series scope plug-ins) and 76 pins (7000 series scope plug-ins) connectors

John Griessen

On 1/29/20 4:35 PM, Ke-Fong Lin wrote:
So I plan to use some ribbon cable, with may be some individual wires for power (i.e. ± 50 & 15 VDC), and some coaxial wires for the signal pins.
These are readily available at Farnell and Mouser.
I've not much experience in RF signals, but I guess that with coax on the "critical" signal pins, that should be sufficient for <= 100MHz, maybe even calibrating.

Sounds good. Consider using the slot pattern that allows any of the keying inserts to be there and still plug in:

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