Re: TDS784C Programming Manual Needed

Ragnar S

On 30 Jan 2020, at 13:43, Steve Hendrix <> wrote:

I finally managed to get my new-to-me TDS784C into a working position on my bench, and it looks really sweet, all the options I hoped for seem to be there. I'm having a bit of difficulty getting it to accept a floppy, but I may need to hunt up a different one as this one has been rejected by another instrument as well. I am able to talk to it via GPIB using my KISS-488, and it responds perfectly to standard SCPI commands (*IDN? etc.). However, I can't find the programming manual that would define the full command set such as screen capture. Googling has turned up a wealth of manuals, from rack mount instructions (a whole manual?) all the way down to very detailed service manuals and the supplemental SCPI commands to access some of the fancy waveform envelope features, but I can't find the basic SCPI command set. There also appears to be some form a Basic etc. that can be used via the floppy disk. Can anyone point me to the programmer's manual for this very nice unit?

You can find the



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